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Summer has arrived but with the cool stiff winds of last week you could have fooled yourself into believing you were venturing out on your first spring fishing outing. However our piscatorial friends seemed quite happy with the conditions and were feeding well in the top layers of the water, which made for exciting fishing particularly for exponents of the dry fly and buzzer.

B Campbell was a case in point when using a combination of black then brown klinkhammers he managed to net 16 fish and recorded in the returns book that he had a ‘brilliant’ day. Aaron Greig used the wind to his advantage and allowed his daddy’s and hoppers to bounce on top of the waves and has some exhilarating takes as a result and he got 12 fish by this method. Dave Mackay used a similar style this time with a small claret hopper and he was rewarded with 11 fish, his biggest being a lovely 5 lber.

The ever-reliable Steve Prince had an outing during the week where he initially struggled to tempt many fish. However the ever helpful Ron Reid, on of Ellon’s finest fishers, gave Steve a ‘ Ron Special’ dry fly and Steve’s day immediately got better and he eventually had 12 fish for his session and showed his appreciation by writing in the returns book ‘ Cheers Ron ‘ Great fly’. At great expense I have managed to secure an example of this fly, which is on display in the bothy for those who wish to appreciate, it’s aesthetic good look and skilful fly tying.

The Blobby Boys – Doug and Billy - on their usual Saturday session in the face of a fair gale didn’t disappoint and they netted 42 fish between them changing flies from buzzers to pheasant tail nymphs and then fishing using various colours of blobs. Other returns for the week were Pete Young with 16 fish on diawl bachs and buzzers, Keith Stephen had 10 fish to the net on green then gold fritz and Dougie Weir from Newmachar had 9 fish on a mini Montana.

With the forecast for the week ahead being for changeable and cool weather, then you should be prepared to be adaptable to suit what you find when you arrive at the waters edge.
Tight Lines.

SP 27/06/17


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