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Vivian Fallon

Haddo 9th June
« on: June 09, 2017, 06:13:19 AM »
Well that was a wet week, however Haddo survived. The lake has fished well with the Wallace brothers catchng well on Monday, using PTN's and streamers including a nice 4.3lb blue.  Fishing recommenced on Thursday with Ewan Lindsay catching using orange streamers and Mike Stewart catching 10 rainbows and 4 brownies on olive damsels. Once I master face bookI will pin the new prices and opening times to the HADDO page. Please note early morning and evening sessions are very welcome, basically just let me know for these either the day before for early mornings or upto 16:00 on the day for an evening session. On Saturday the 10th of June the owner will be out on the lake fishing celebrating his birthday so thats one rod taken,  leaving 9 available. Welcome to join me, make your own coffee you know where the kit is.                                                  Viv


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