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Lochter Report -Poetry in Motion at Lochter
« on: 06/06/2017 at 15:15 »
With the heralding of the official meteorological arrival of summer we were treated to a salutation of fine weather, much welcomed by both the fishers and gardeners of the area.

There is a poem I thought quite apt which says ‘It is the month of June, the month of leaves and roses, when pleasant sights salute the eyes and pleasant scents the noses’.

Well the pleasant sight last week down Lochter way was that of many a bending rod and apparently content fishermen relaxing in the sunshine and watching the abundance of nature do its thing. On the fishing front it was a week when buzzers or Dry’s ruled the waves with very little evidence of Lures being effective. It also has to be mentioned that there were some prolific evening rises and many took advantage – so if you have some spare time in an evening you should give it a try as we are open to 10pm.

M Coull couldn’t go wrong using small Caenis flies netting 26 fish in the 2-7 lb size range. Bob Urquhart from Inverness on a day trip from its even sunnier Moray coast tempted 14 fish for his session using Klinkhammers and a Black Cruncher on its dropper. Jim Reid from Aberdeen came out for an evening session and remarked in the book that he had a ‘great night’ eventually netting 12 fish on Small Black Ants, Spiders and Gnats.

Alan Logan, one of our most regular week day fishers had 11 fish to the net by 11am on a selection of Dries which includes the Wickhams Fancy and Greenwells Glory tied by his own hand.

Graham Roger reported his ‘best day yet!’ fishing the muckle troot, using daddies with a hares ear dropper and he landed 12 fish but said he had ‘many more takes’.

Ashley Thomas and Greg Watt out for a days session together both landed 10 fish on Ceramics and Dries and both had a fish each around the 6lb mark.

The buzzers seemed to come into their own in the bright conditions with Graham Duthie getting 15 fish (one a brownie), P Briggs also got 15 by this method as did Steve Prince, and R Niddrie on 13, and Scott Sim with 10 fish.

The weather pollsters say the week ahead will be wet/windy and unsettled before we then get a prolonged period of fine weather. I thought initially, but wrongly that this referred to the election coverage of late as I have my doubts about the ‘fair weather ahead’.

Instead I hope the pleasant sight for the next week is some ‘June sunshine like powdered gold over the grassy hillside’ – here’s hoping!

Tight Lines.

SP 06/06/17