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Vivian Fallon

Haddo Trout Fishery 1st of June
« on: 02/06/2017 at 11:51 »
Well that's it, we are now  fully open . The lake is fully stocked with Rainbows , Blues and Brownies, fish between 1lb to over 11lbs.
Opening hours 09:00 to 18:00 if you want and early morning or evening rise you will be accommodated by appointment so call Viv on 07894835232 or 01464 871325. Catches have been good on nymphs ( fished  slowly) , dries , and streamers fished deep. Prices up to 4 hours 15, up to 8 hours 20 catch and release, children welcome with responsible adult 10 up to 4 hours, as are pensioners during the week at 10 up to 4 hours, and 15 up to 8 hours . If you wish to take a fish no problem at 2 per lb rainbows only under 5lb. Please note the 8 hour ticket finishes at 18:00, evening tickets by appointment 15, evening tickets can be booked up to 16:00  on the day. The lake is fully booked for the 24th of June. For updates please go to Fishing the fly or facebook HADDO fishery. Haddo is a boat only fishery ,float tubes available (bring your own waders) boats and tubes are included in the price and Tea and Coffee is complimentary. Barbless or de-barbed hooks only,  Haddo Trout Fishery reserves the right to check flies used.