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Lochter Report - Wide Variety of Success New
« on: May 23, 2017, 12:42:25 PM »
A wide variety of flies have been successful during the past week at Lochter Fishery. It is often the case at this time of year when there is a big choice of natural food available that trout get a bit picky and anglers have to experiment to find out what works best.

Natural looking buzzers continued to score well with Peter Robertson from Aberdeen landing twelve on small black buzzers with red cheeks on a floating line with a sink tip. Peter Young used a buzzer and diawl bach combination to land twelve fish from the various depths of water at the muckle troot and T Teil had nine fish solely on buzzers. Bill Wood certainly diversified during his weekly outing when he got two fish on buzzers then a further two on the blob and remarked in the returns book ‘ Smart fish or stupid angler’. The weekly ‘Blobby Boy’ update is that Dougie and Billy had 17 fish between them in wet and cold conditions using blobs, UVs and buzzers.

Other flies that were found to be effective were the Klinkhammer when allowed to float along the ripple with C Curry getting 11 fish and Garry Frost 5 fish by this method. Liam Stephen picked a warm and overcast day to try out his ceramic nymphs, which netted him 22 fish, his best being a 5lb blue.

The damsel lure and yellow dancers are still the most popular lures being used and other flies starting to be used as the weather improves are hoppers, snatchers, sedge hogs and bibios.

If the forecasters are to be believed we are to have a heat wave by the end of the week. This will bring out fair-weather fishers and will make for pleasant days and evening angling for all. Tight Lines.

SP 23/05/17
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