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Lochter Report - Anglers Spring into Summer
« on: 17/05/2017 at 10:35 »

Most gardeners are waiting for the first week in June to plant out their bedding plants but for anglers at Lochter, Summer is already here (at last) and away go many of the sinking lines and big lures and on go the floating lines with dry’s, nymphs and buzzers being the order of the day.

With the warmer temperatures there was a very noticed increase in fly life with the top of the water being very active with feeding fish.

Many anglers took advantage of this and there were some good catches recorded in the returns book.

Sandy Scobie had a great day out on Saturday when he landed 16 fish on a mixture of dry flies and buzzers and others who had success with the dry fly were Greg Wilson from Inverurie who had 11 fish using size 14 black spiders and black ants when there was a prodigious rise of such flies over the lochs.

Paul Ingram from Turriff landed 11 fish using a variety of dry’s which included the black gnat, greenwells glory and the grey wulff.

Buzzers were also very much to  the fore and Dougie Mair had 13 fish on his current favourite ‘Dennis the Menace’ buzzer, Steve Prince had 11 fish, Albert Trail had 10 fish and Graham Duthie had 9 fish.

Other returns for the week were Bill Wood for 9 fish, Simon Ruddiman had 2 outings where he accounted for 8 & 12 fish respectively on buzzers and the shammy fly, Nicky Wood had 7 fish on dry’s nomads and buzzers and it was good to see Dave Taylor from Aberdeen out again after several years of absence from the sport and he enjoyed his day and netted 5 fish on buzzers.

Special mention goes to the Frigate Bar from Aberdeen with ‘ mine host’ Ian Findlay, marshaling his troops for their outing last Saturday.

There was much banter and some even laughed at Ian’s jokes! All the members managed to catch fish, so with this success behind them they adjourned for a splendid BBQ and much needed refreshments of a reviving kind.

With the onset of more seasonally warm weather there may even be the rare sight of anglers patrolling the banks bravely wearing shorts… I’ll keep you posted!

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