John Powell

Glengavel Reservoir, South Lanarkshire
« on: April 15, 2017, 21:04:55 PM »
not too much to post recently so------------------
hope it's OK to include a venue as it's not a 'wild brown trout' location in the pure sense of the word aka wind-swept wee lochan in Sutherland frequenty by sheep, old dogs  and buzzards........ :X2

the club strips hens from the reservoir, then raises them in a hatchery fed by the reservoir
the idea being is the fingerlings maintain the correct hereditary genes
( hope that's the correct terminology ) - more info here

anyway I reckon that's an admirable way of 'looking to the future' - so I joined the UAAA  this year
well you ask...???................ :oops

been 9 times to date = 0 ...not even a rise nor a tap..( but not alone  so haven't quit yet)
the regulars says its too cold....well it is Scotland

@Sandy...thanks for all the advice
the Farlows, the Herbert Hatton and now an 8' Merlin are   ''all - ready - to go''

I really need a 'Tug is the Drug'  day out
think I'll be phoning Munro for a day at the TINTO asap....................... :z8

wade safe...............john   


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