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Lochter Report - Things are Warming Up!
« on: February 20, 2017, 13:01:50 PM »

Travelling in to Lochter Fishery today the air temperature was reading 13c and the water temperature had come up a degree or two. The lift in temperature which occurred towards the end of last week certainly had a positive effect on the fish and on the fishing with some excellent bags recorded.

Mike Coull returned ten using a mix of mini lures, Ernie Mackay used cormorants to land nine and Sam Murdoch found that thirteen was a lucky number as he grassed that very number using cormorants and  tad poles.

Mike Frost kept a cool head as his hot head dancer brought seventeen to the net. He kept three and returned fourteen. A semtex mini lure was the choice of Pete Lumsden and eight nice fish agreed on his selection.

Earlier in the week Alan Logan stuck with his favourite buzzers and small black nymphs and landed a dozen trout, while Andrew Tweedie had fourteen on buzzers and bloodworms, and Colin McDonald nine on the same flies.

The milder weather will continue to bring the water to life, there will be more fly hatched and more active fish to catch .

HH 20/02/17


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