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Artloch Report & NE Challenge
« on: October 15, 2006, 19:35:59 PM »
Going on holiday on 16 Oct to sunnier climes so next report will be on 29/30 Oct; fishery remains open in our absence.

Once again no one fly has dominated the list this week with conditions playing a major part in fly selection.   While naturals are continuing to take fish, lures are now proving both popular and successful.   Examples of recent returns include D Beverly who in 2 hours raised some 20 plus fish with his dries, releasing 9, best at 5 lbs.    Dries also worked for I Sutherland who released 10, best at circa 9 lbs.   Ten seems to be a popular number because N Cameron and J Rennie each caught 10 fish, best at 5 lbs, using a WSW.    W Rainnie was happy with his 11, using various Fritz patterns, best at 6 lbs, while G Bell had a good basket of 2 fish for 9lbs 1 ozs using a Goldhead Damsel.   T Sampson evening rise visit , tempted some 14 fish using a Sedge and Nymph, but only 6 stuck, best at 6 lbs.  K Mark released 14, best at 5 lbs, using a mixture of dries, CDCs and nymphs, while A Gray released 12, best at 6 lbs.   Limited number of rods on Saturday 21 Oct, so please telephone 01466 799504 to book a place, or get here early.

NE Challenge

As the fish were weighed and catch returns handed over, anglers were reporting lots of fish, but they were not attaching themselves to the hook!   It soon became clear that it would take a good return to beat Mike Dutch.   When all the returns were in, Mike had indeed taken the day with 12 fish for 30 lbs 11 ozs, thus securing first place for the Aberdeen Fly Fishers with an overall fish count of 20 for 50 lbs 7 ozs.   In 2nd place, following a good team performance, were the Gordon Fly Fishers with 15 fish for 42 lbs 14 ozs, while in 3rd spot came the Donside Fisher with 14 fish for 41lbs 3 ozs.   Fourth were the Haddo/Bennachie team on 34 lbs, while the Kintore Angling Club and the Seaforth Angling Club were 5th and 6th respectively.   Eighty-two fish were caught, with the weighed fish average at exactly 3 lbs.   Some good individuals 2 fish baskets included Jimmy Rennie and Sandy Mathers both with 9 lbs 3 ozs, while Peter Wilson basket weighed 9 lbs 10 ozs.   The heaviest fish was a tie between Jimmy and Peter, both catching bows weighing 7lbs.      

Mike Dutch took the 1st prize of a Lureflash Mamba Fly Line for the heaviest basket.   Brian Caryle in 2nd place with 22 lbs 10 ozs won packets of Lureflash fly tying materials, while Peter Wilson with the 3rd heaviest basket of 22 lbs 2 ozs collected a reel of Lureflash Mamba Fluorocarbon.    Bill Bain won an Artloch 2 fish ticket for the fish nearest to the specified weight.

With one match remaining, the competition remains wide open for top spot, with the Aberdeen Fly Fishers now leading Kintore Angling Club by just 2 points.

See for full report.


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