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Lochter Report - Rain Freshens Water At Lochter
« on: October 17, 2016, 14:38:40 PM »
Our Indian summer came to a shuddering halt this past week. A big drop in temperatures and days of rain. Dreadful conditions for those farmers trying to get in the last of the harvest and disappointing for all the pupils and staff trying to enjoy their Autumn Holiday.

For Anglers at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum, the rain has good news as it freshens up the water and brought the trout back on the feed in a big way.

Top was Mark Will who fished a short stretch between the gushing feeder pipe and the land drain on the heron loch, and using a damsel nymph picked up twenty four fish. No doubt they were drawn to the area by the fresh water bringing in tasty food items. On Sunday the Tracy family visited and has a most successful day. When the scores were in it was young Alana, a very competent angler at age 13, who topped the charts with sixteen. Ahead of Chris with twelve and Allan with four. White flies were the effective ones for the family.

Earlier in the week the fishing had been steady; Graham Duthie had eleven with his best at 8 lbs using WSW. Billy Taylor and Bob Sim had eight a piece using Damsel, Blood worms and Cormorants, while Jim Sangster scores nine using Damsel and Montana Nymphs. There were plenty of bags of five or six and some nice big featuring in the catch returns. As Autumn heads to winter, the trout, anxious to put a bit of a condition on the the lean times ahead, will continue to feed steadily which is good news for anglers.


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