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Lochter Report- Harvest Mites Keep Trout Happy
« on: August 29, 2016, 15:16:29 PM »
Harvest Mites Keep Trout Happy

All around Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum the combines have been sweeping up the winter barley. This in turn has released tens of thousands of tiny black harvest mites. For the trout in the three lochs Christmas has come early as they ploughed along the surface scooping up mouthfuls of these protein rich delicacies.

It did make the fishing a mite frustrating as anglers tried to work out how to catch theses surface feeders. Small Black Dries & Buzzers were the best option.

Bill Gibb had seventeen on a mix of both and Colin Taylor nine on Black Snatchers. Bob Sim used Black diawl Bachs for seven, B.Ross Dries for nine, caught and released.

The Blobby Boys, Doug Mair and Bill Ferries, did well as usual with bags of twenty three and seventeen on two consecutive visits using attractor blobs and UV nymphs.

We should be due a reasonable spell of harvesting weather to bring in the spring barley and oil seed rape, so there should be plenty of natural fly life to keep the fish active.


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