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Lochter Report - Lochter Anglers Score
« on: August 22, 2016, 15:28:25 PM »
Lochter Anglers Score

Just as Team GB were scooping up the medals at Rio de Janerio, anglers  at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, were also scooping up the trout during the times that they managed to drag themselves away from the television. Fred Simpson from Huntly started the week in style with eight off the surface on his Klinkhammers. Steve Prince from Meldrum kept things moving along nicely with a score of ten using Buzzers & Diawl Bachs. Although temperature dropped and it got a bit breezy, scores were maintained by Alan Don with fourteen, all on a Damsel, and George Abel with ten on a Semtex, ‘That fly is dynamite’ a fellow angler was heard to mutter.

On Saturday the breeze stiffened a bit but not enough to put S. Ruddiman from Aberdeen off his stroke as he caught and released twelve on what he described as a ‘crackin’ day’.

There were plenty of bags of five or six and as wide a variety of flies from small dries to big lures, all taking their share.


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