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Lochter Report - Sun Eventually Appears at Lochter
« on: June 08, 2016, 14:34:56 PM »
After a week of bitingly cold northerly winds it was nice to see the weather heating up for the weekend. However it was not all doom and gloom during the week as there was some really good sport to be had between the buzzer and lure approach.

D Falconer had 14 on black buzzers as did Stewart Raeburn on 11 and Neil Smith on 8 fish.
Billy Ferries and Doug Mair had a great day with over 40 fish between them using uv nymphs, Jim Brown had over 30 fish on a mixture of lures, Garry Morrison had 17 on the very popular semtex lure and David Thompson had 9 on montana’s and semtex.

As the heat now builds up and the insect life come into its own here’s hoping that some seasonal top of the water action can be had for the week ahead .


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