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2016 Kids acadamy underway at the Glen
« on: April 11, 2016, 09:00:14 AM »
A very good week which culminated with the fly fishing childrens academy for 2016 getting underway and plenty of good fish being taken throughout the week.Although at times it was damp,some anglers still found success with the dries as fish were rising well.Its always good to come off the usual blobs,and fritzs and use something differnet,such as cormorants,a dry fly,kate mclarens which for those who did caught well,fish will get used to seeing the same old fly and the old adage of match the hatch does work and not many hatches of blobs have been seen of late.Those who did well were Scott Burness with a beauty of 13lbs 10ozs,Neil Scowen a 11lb 12ozs fish,Andrew More an 8lb 7ozs fish,Brian Wallace an 8lb 5ozs fish,Slater Scott had 17 best at 5lbs,Marc Day had a surprise when he landed a tiger trout which was returned,Safike Ahmed had 11 fish,best at 8lb 5ozs,Mr Bell had 10 fish,Andrew Drummond had 21 on buzzers,Rob Harding had14,Neil Scowen 28,Richard Kerr had 10,Scott Burness had 15,John Ross had 20 on dries,and Paul Sharp had 13 on a single okey dokey.With the forecast being for calmer weather thefishing should reflect this and be more enjoyable in better conditions.

The 2016 Childrens academy began this week and what a great day it was for everyone.A big thankyou to the sponsors,youfishscotland and loch vaa fishery who helped make it happen.Even though it was cold and wet to start the enthusiasim from the children was infectious and made it really enjoyable and it didn't put them off one bit.If the rest of the course is anything to go by the first day it will be memorable ,not only for the children but those who gave their time free to help out as it was a laugh from start to finish for all and as the children caught their first fish on the fly the excitement was clear as they held onto them till the end,over the moon ready to show parents.The next one is on May 8th.

The academy takes 10 children per year and it is free,they receive their very own brand new rods,reels lines etc which they keep for the rest of their lives and fishing,fish caught and time from the instructors is all given free so as they can enjoy and learn a new hobby for life.So it costs them nothing to learn.These children are the future of our sport and they learn so much about the sport itself,but also the wildlife and the outdoors which is important for their development when young.What a brilliant day and even the instructors were left buzzing from it all aswell as the academy young anglers who made us laugh all day with their comments.So worth every minute of the day.

Coarse loch

The fish are now reacting to warmer conditions and the first Carp was caught by Paul Murdoch who certainly puts the time into his fishing and gets the rewards.He had some fine bream in his returns and using sweetcorn and red maggot worked well for him.Others had success with roach and rudd and fish ar elying in deeper water at the moment and feeder and pole is the best methods with very light ground baiting only working best.Overfeeding just kills the fishing and isn't needed,little and often is far better as the fish are more wild than commercial and feed naturally on bloodworm and other insect life which is abundant in the water.

Millbuies trout fishery

 A good week on the lochs with again plenty of fish being caught.Browns are doing well as are the blues which are giving a good account of themselves when hooked.Plenty of fish rising around both lochs and dries,buzzers and nymphs doing well.This time of year damsels and olives do well for anglers.The water is clear and fish will often bee seen following flies so always good to hang them for the last few seconds before making another cast itcould result in a hook up.We have 5 boats available daily and fishing at the moment is from 8.30am to 4pm

Plenty of pictures on our facebook pages and website of fish caught in report and the academy day.


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