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Glen and Millbuies trout fisheries reports.
« on: March 28, 2016, 09:11:08 AM »
Good conditions saw again plenty of fish caught with fish higher in water,buzzers worked well for many and lures such as damsels,cats,white fritz,s saw the best for those who went a little lower in the water.Many saw good returns for their sessions and some large fish among them.Some reported being broken which was common from talking to anglers when finishing.Some of the examples of returns this week were,Slater Scott 33 with his best at 8lbs,Charlie Miller had 10 and 12,Gordon Grant 23,Ian Wilson had 17,best at 6lbs,Rob Scorer had 19 on nymphs,Elaine smith returned a fish of 6lbs,Andrew More had a fish of 9lb4ozs,David King had a 9lb 1oz fish,Mark Bell had 11 fish,Ian Storey had a fish of 5lb 1ozs,Young Amy Oneill had a fish of 6lb 8ozs,Neil Scowenhad 10 fish with a 7lb 5ozs fish,Jimmy Rhind 17,Neill Smith had 12 with a 6lb 1ozs fish,Gary Gormley had 16,Chris Johnston had 14 and Brian Wallace had afish of 4lb2ozs.Good to season well underway and good returns from the lochs and seeing fish beginning to feed again after the winter.The osprey wont be long before he is back ,normally around the 28th March and will be closely followed by the swallows making it a pleasure to be out fishing and seeing the wildlife.

Coarse loch

Signs showing now here that fish are wakening up and feeding as anglers are getting some decent returns of Bream,skimmers,rudd,roach and ide.Most are being caught on red maggot and as water warms the carp should be moving to feed soon.Pole and feeder has been the best of the methods this week.

Millbuies trout fishery

Up until the weekend fishing was excellent and some good fish were being caught with both top and bottom lochs fishing well.The brownies were in great condition and the Blues very aerobatic and fighting really hard.Best flies at this time of year showed were damsels and wets and buzzers.

Sadly on Thursday into friday evening we had some mindless vandalisim to all the boats which put a halt on fishing for the easter weekend and left quite a few disappointed anglers who were looking forward to good fishing days.Thanks to information given to us and confirmed by our cameras and given to Police we should have the person/s who did it shortly.

The good news is that with much thanks to Alistair Beedie and a lot of help from individual anglers,too many to name but my thanks to each of them is very much appreciated and shows the spirit of anglers and in angling and how much Millbuies is loved by everyone even if they are not anglers them selves,to try and spoil a beautifull place is just mindless and sick and especially sick for myself as My grandchilds ashes were spread on the lochs 2 weeks previous which this person/s knew.Shocking!

All 4 boats are now repaired and back in water for booking along with new boat number 5 which is now in so we have all 5 up and running tahnks to the efforts of many.Great job at short notice by Alistair Beedie.
 We would ask everyone that if ever you see anyone damaging the lochs or fishing from banks to contact us or the Police on 101 anytime or if you have any information on the damage done. The lochs are special to many and we want to keep it like this.


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