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Lochter Report - Time for the Fair Weather Fishers
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:51:28 AM »
There is a wonderful old poem which starts with the lines “When man grows old his blood runs cold and the tip of his nose turns blue”.

In recent weeks this has been true of anglers throughout the North East where the bitterly cold winds have tested the enthusiasm of fishers, with many of the older hands deciding to “Bide at Hame”.

At Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, the sudden sunny weather which has been experienced from Sunday has stirred the dormant hunter-gather instincts and brought out plenty of ‘boys of the old brigade’ to supplement the ranks of regulars.

What a fine time they have had with good bags falling to everything from big bunny leeches to tiny buzzers.

The top scorer in the past few days was James McLean who had no fewer than twenty six on a mix of nymphs and a bunny leech. Also doing well was Mike Frost who kept three and released eight using that old favourite the damsel nymph.

Using his tried and tested lightly dressed nymphs, Alan Logan had ten while Graham Duthie had a terrific afternoon with sixteen attracted by gyrations of his yellow dancer. Fred McAlley had a nice brown trout among his bag of seven and it was great to welcome the Frigate Bar Angling Club out for their Spring visit. Blessed with a nice sunny day, they certainly entered into the spirit of the occasion.

The high pressure with accompanying bright weather is forecast to stay with us all week. The birds seem to think it is the start of Spring as they are singing away. Let us hope that they are right!


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