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Glen of Rothes and millbuies trout fisheries report 2016
« on: February 22, 2016, 08:41:14 AM »
With a week of steady temperatures, more suitable if your an eskimo gave anglers plenty of good fishing with really good quality of fish coming to the net and certainly fighting well with full tails.The best methods were free lined buzzers on intermediate lines which give fish confidence as they are working natural and not just hanging lifeless in the water under an indicator.The takes are rapid and hard nearly ripping the rod out of the hand so you need to be alert and then a hard fight ensues all sacred parts of fly fishing and why we enjoy it.

Some examples of catches this week were,Tom Anderson 9 fish with a 9lber,Mark Bell had 18 fish and also claimed a tagged fish and collected the kitty for that making it a fruitfull day for him,Karen Cameron did really well keeping the ladies side up with 15 fish and best fish at 5lb 15ozs,Paul Sharp had 20 fish on single buzzer,Neil Scowen had 11 with best at 8lb 11oz,Neill Smith had 16 fish,best at 4lb 10oz,Willie McRobbie had 6 with his best at 6lb 14ozs,Andrew More had 8,Jimmy Rhind had 10 all others managed a good 5 at least for their sessions with some on 2 and 3 fish.Many reported the big one that got away so they remain for others to try and tempt to the net.

Details for this years Juniour Acadamy are now sealed after a meeting of instructors and we have confirmed with those who have contacted us to put names down who wanted to attend,but we would like to take a couple of reserves just in case some cant make it due to family commitments and it is for young anglers even if they have never done it before but are keen,between the ages of 8 and 16 years old.

The course will start on Sunday April 10th at 10 am at the Glen of Rothes trout fishery and finish at 3 pm.for the induction day and will run each month through to September.It will be held on the second Sunday of each month making a total of 6 sessions.We are planning a couple of evening sessions so as children can experience dry fly fishing along with fly tying and other activities which will give them the benefit of the whole experience of what fly fishing is about and not just catching fish as their is a lot more to it to be enjoyed.

Remember everything is free and tackle will be theirs to carry on fishing after the course,no cost at all, including fishing,tackle and time of the instructors.This is a chance for them to experience what is outdoors away from tv,s mobile phones and computers and what it has to offer which will last all their lives.It will be fun and enjoyable for all.So if interested why not give us a call.

After a hard years fishing in the Glenbuies Club competition to find this years Champion and being very close going into the final  month it was a clean sweep for Neil Scowen on the day.He took the Club Champions shield,heaviest fish for the year,monthly trophy for February along with prizes.Winning by 6 points in the end,it was close all day as places juggled before the final results which were.

1st and Club Champion Neil Scowen

2nd Neill Smith

3rd Willie McRobbie

Now it begins in March for the start to find next years Club Champion,but it was great to see a good atmosphere where everyone enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun despite being a competition  its all about the banter between each other and not being too  serious which is what makes the club.New members are welcome for the start of this year and application forms are available at the Glen and their is plenty on offer for members this year.

Coarse loch
Quiet this week due to weather

Millbuies trout fishery

The lochs will open on 20th March with stockings already in and some more to come so as fish will be well spread out ready for a great seasons fishing.  The brownies have come on superbly well and with blues and rainbows the fishing should be memorable.

As always, pictures of all that happens daily and updates are on our facebook pages and website.


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