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Lochter Report - It's that time again....
« on: December 07, 2015, 12:16:06 PM »
Time to poke about in the loft or rummage about in the garage or the shed to find the Christmas decorations. The fairy lights, the stand for the Christmas tree and al the other stuff which was carefully put away in boxes last January so that it would be ‘easily found next Christmas’.

Then comes the joy of testing the fairy lights and ‘oh no’ two of the strings don’t work, so it’s the laborious and frustrating task of replacing the bulbs one at a time using the spares which were carefully sellotaped to the outside of the box (thinking ahead).

The sense of elation when two of the dead strings spring into life is somewhat tempered when the lady of the house announces that ‘most of the decorations have seen better days’ and that ‘tinsel is out this year’ so there will be none of it dangling round the pictures in the lounge.
For many, these can be expensive tidings but for anglers who tie their own flies this can be a real bonzanza!

Sparkly tinsel, gold & silver ribbon, bright shiny wire and so on can all be converted into attractive and innovative flies and lures at no cost! It is indeed an ill wind which does not blow somebody a bit of good.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum there has been a cold wind blowing for most of the week making fishing quite testing Paul Sharp fairly mastered the conditions on Sunday using a small black lure and some buzzers he caught and released seventeen.

Buzzers also did well for Alan Morgan who had ten, Paul Anderson with seven, C. Millar with six and Albert Trail with eight.

A mix of cormorants and buzzers landed seven nice fish for Jim Byers and five for Dave Kinghorn.

It is now time to shout up the chimney to Santa that you don’t want anymore socks, pants, vests or ties but a nice fishing voucher * would be welcomed. Let us hope he gets the message.

7/12/15 HH

*These are available at Lochter, contact number: 01651 872000


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