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Lochter Report - Everything is Okay Dokay at Lochter
« on: December 01, 2015, 14:14:37 PM »
As the weather fluctuated during the week there was one constant that could be relied upon and that was the ‘okay dokay’ fly. Some were still fishing it on a floating line with a long leader while others chose the intermediate line.

On his two outings during the week, Bill Gibb using his own variation of the okay dokay that he ties himself, had a return of 19 then 20 fish respectively.

Davy Sinclair from Aberdeen had 9 with this fly and Neil Simmers netted 6 also.

It’s very close cousin the ‘buzzer’ also proved effective with Albert Trail getting 10, Graeme McPherson down from Inverness managed 8 for his day and Pete Young landed 4 but had many more tentative takes that got off.

Looking through the returns book-
J Abel on his two outings had 9 and 5 fish respectively on his own micro lure, Matthew Rilly netted 13 fish, one at 9lb and 2 at 5lb on the WSW.

Cormorants also proved their worth with Billy Reid from Newmachar getting 6 fish and S Murdoch with 4.

With milder weather forecast after the short cold snap, here’s hoping everything remains okay dokay for the week ahead’s fishing.


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