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Lochter Report - Mild Autumn, Good and Bad for Anglers
« on: November 10, 2015, 11:00:03 AM »
Normally by this time of year we would have had several really frosty days and nights, the trees would be bronze and gold and fly life virtually non existent.  This year the trees are still on the turn and there are still swarms of flies including “them pesky midges”, in the sheltered areas.

At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum, anglers could have expected the trout to be feeding on the large shoals of minnows and sticklebacks but instead there has been plenty pf tasty fly life to keep them looking upwards for a meal.

Nathan Hutchison noticed this and used his CDC dries to account for ten nice fish, Harry Hughes did likewise and his hoppers and daddies brought eight to the net, Paul Webster used Bibios and Dry’s to land nine and buzzers worked well for K.Roberts, Ron Reid Jnr & Dave murray.

Bill Wood had a double hook- up on a blob & a cormorant and with the help of the top lady angler Lesley Johnston landed a beautiful 7lb and 3lb. That’s teamwork!

Ronnie Ewen gave another master class in how to fish cormorants bringing eleven to the net, while another cormorant fan Dave Thomson had an excellent Day with eight hard fighting fish.

Breezy conditions are forecast for this week with temperatures dropping substantially at the weekend. This could very well encourage the trout to switch on to fry feeding, with the big specimens becoming more active.

HH 9-11-15


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