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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to October 8th )
« on: 08/10/2007 at 23:51 »
Hi folks :cool:

Damsels, mini lures and buzzers have been high on the menu at Haddo this week, although dries and emergers are still producing some nice fish.

Alex Burnett has taken the lead in the opening days of the Haddo Winter League with an entry of 22 fish up to 9 lb for his 4 hr entry session, Keith Crocket and Bill Main also started off well recording 18 fish up to 8 lb and 10 fish up to 7 lb. Any anglers interested in fishing the Winter League can contact me at the fishery on 07810 868897

Paul Sharp visited the fishery for the first time this week and tempted 30+ fish up to approx 5 lb, Brian Liebenberg netted 10 up to 9 lb, James Nicol 12 up to 5 lb, Dave Olley 16 up to 6 lb and Ian Brown 17 up to 7 lb, Ian returned a couple of days later and netted another 19 fish up to 10 lb.

Seven anglers from Bristow Helicopters enjoyed a good outing at Haddo with a total of 82 fish, Pete Lay catching 12 trout up to 12 lb, Graham Chiverton 16 up to 10 lb, Brian Pickles 16 up to 11 lb and Richard Hambly netted 22 including a cracking fish weighing 16 lb.

Ten Aberdeen Airport Anglers also had a great day out with a total of 95 fish, Terry Brown tempting 10 up to 16 lb, Ally Skinner jun. 10 up to 10 lb, Dave Mackay 13 up to 10 lb, Fred McAlley 14 up to 12 lb and Chris Brown netted 14 trout up to 14 lb.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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