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Lochter Report - It's a Winner!
« on: October 12, 2015, 16:39:29 PM »
It was great to see the Scotland Rugby team fighting their way through to the last eight of World Cup. They have a tough test in the next round but we wish them well.

Congratulations to the team of Scottish Anglers including North East fishers, Chris McAlister, Kevin Neri and Tyler Hay for winning the Lexus team competition down at Chew Valley Reservoir near Bristol against top teams from all over the UK.

As the competition was sponsored by the Lexus motor company, can expect to see the lads all driving about in swanky cars?

In the (only slightly) less hallowed surroundings of Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, anglers continued to enjoy themselves. On windy Wednesday, Dave Wright was top hooker with eight on his buzzers, while Bill Gibb mastered the breezy conditions and got his line out to tempt nine. Jim Sangster did try very hard and was rewarded with seven.

A score of unlucky thirteen almost meant the sin-bin for Steve Corsar and the week end Ed with a stand off between Craig & James McLean, the later finishing strongly to win by nineteen to twelve.

Enough of these rugby-isms, the fishing continues to be enjoyable and productive with the cooler conditions keeping the fish on the feed.

HH 12/10/15


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