Fishing The Fly Forum

Kevin Moss

A good week of fishing which saw fish feeding hard on fry and also when conditions suited,daddies did very well off the top as fish courted them and then took them savagely giving some great sport for anglers.Certainly the bigger fish were on the move and chasing flies with wakes behind the fly making it exciting and visual for the angler.Zonkers,black rabbits,daddies and cats whiskers being the best flies and tells the story of how they are feeding now the colder temperatures are coming in.George Black had a good fish of 8lbs 4ozs,Blair MacDonald had an 11lb fish,Barry Ward a 9lb 2ozs fish,Tom Webster had 19 fish with his best at 9lbs,Neil Scowen had a nice Double returned,Willie Liesk a 6lb 8ozs on a daddy,George Downing landed a fish of 7lb 12ozs,and best of the bunch went to Stu Hayden with a cracking Blue which was a double figure fish and was returned safely.

The winter singles begins in Nov and will finish in April and open to anyone.It is not done on a weight basis so no one can run away with it and it goes to the wire and anyone can win it.Names are being taken now for this.You can fish any day in the month and miss a month and fish 2 the following month if weather is bad or due to work.

Coarse loch

A game of two halves this week with some doing well early part and a lot stiffer second half of the week.Roach,bream to 2lbs,Ide,Carp and Rudd all among returns.Meat and maggot was the pick of the baits.

Millbuies trout fishery

Good fishing continued with Tim Pilkington who had a nice 4lb 8ozs Brownie returned and plenty of blues giving anglers a lot of sport.Again fish now feeding hard on fry and off the top.We will be closing the lochs toward the end of October depending on weather conditions and reopen early next year ready for the new season when fish will be well overwintered and ready to give good sport.

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