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Lochter Report - Lochter Osprey's Depart for Africa
« on: September 15, 2015, 14:19:34 PM »
It feels like no time at all that Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum welcomed their pair of ospreys Branson and Libby. The past weekend saw dad Branson depart along with this seasons chick Harry, mum having gone ahead on ahead on the three thousand mile journey to West Africa where they will spend the winter.

Young Harry will have a couple of years down there but mum and dad will be back at Lochter next Spring tidying up the nest and in full view of the cameras and getting on with the business of bringing up more family.

They are completely unfazed by the presence of ‘other’ fishermen, but are very protective of their chosen spot, with its constant supply of tasty trout and seeing off any intruding ospreys.

The human fishers have certainly been getting among the tasty trout over the past week. Top scorer was Bill Gibb with twenty four using a mix of buzzers and diawl bachs. Also having a field day was David Pottinger from Shetland who netted nineteen on a mix of nymphs and damsels. Bunny Leech’s were the choice of James McLean and Craig McLean and twenty eight trout agreed with the team McLean selection.

There were numerous bags running into double figures, Kenny Tarves kept two and released eleven on a mix of nymphs and lures. Gary Gormley release ten caught on blobs and nymphs. Mile Reilly from Ellon had fourteen including fish up to 7lbs on blobs and WSW’s. Peter Young had ten on WSWs, B. Whyte thirteen on dries and Mark Walker twelve on black buzzers.

The cooling conditions have certainly sparked off the autumn feed up by the trout. This is good news for anglers who can enjoy this black-end bonanza.

HH 15/9/15


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