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Lochter Report - Daddies Tempt Trout to Top
« on: August 18, 2015, 16:51:06 PM »
It was interesting to read recently about the dearth fly life this year. The apparent reason being the cold wet summer. Now as Autumn approaches, the fly life seems to have caught up certainly at Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, as there are plenty of blue and olive damsels dancing round the edges of the water and daddy long legs emerging from the grass to provide tasty meals for the trout.

There have been some huge hatches of caenis but fortunately for the anglers they seem to have passed as it is nigh impossible to compete when the water surface if caked with caenis.

During the past week small flies, nymphs, buzzers and dries having been having the best of it but Walter Senior disproved the point by netting eight on his WSW.

Paul Gill also had eight on biblos and diawl bachs while Peter Young used a variety of nymphs to tempt eleven. Pete Green did well with thirteen all on buzzers and dries and Steve Prince had a fine day, grassing eleven using daddies and nymphs.

Top lady anglers Lesley Johnston had six on buzzers as had Alan Barber.

Prospects remain good as the temperatures begin to drop. In addition to the plentiful fly life there are shoals of pin fry in all the lochs to provide ready meals for the hungry trout.

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