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Lochter Report - Keep Ringing The Changes
« on: August 11, 2015, 13:39:25 PM »

For most of  us our first experience of fish was catching wee brown trout in a local burn using worms (aka the garden flea or blackbirds fancy).

Then we moved on to test our skills at fly fishing on lochs and rivers.

The tackle choice was strictly limited compared with today. I well remember going for a days fishing with my father with all our tackle plus a box of sandwiches and the compulsory flask of tea all contained in a gas mask holder bag. The rods were tied to the bar of the bikes and off we set. By contrast many of todays anglers have boot loads of kit and can be seen staggering towards the water, laden down like a pack mule with enough rods, reels, lines and flies to catch every fish that ever swam! Happy Days!

At Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, it has been great to see dozens of youngsters enjoying their first fishing experience. If the enthusiasm which they show when they catch their first rainbow trout can be maintained, then the sport has no worries about its future.

The big boys have also been having plenty of fun on the lochs and with the weather being changeable it has been necessary to ring the changes to keep the fish interested.

Dave Simpson uses Buzzers, Blobs and a Bunny Leech to accumulate a bag of twelve. Bill Neave of Kingseat Field Sporters had eight on Nomads and Buzzers but was edged out in their competition by fellow field sporter Stewart Horne who kept three and released eleven using Nomads and Dancers. Dial Bachs were the choice of Ian Low who also caught and released eleven. There have been some nice evening rises and John Taylor had an ace night with eight on a Black Klinkhammer and John Whyte from Parkhill had six nice fish all on dries.

The cooler weather has kept the fish active so unless we get a heatwave then prospects remain good.

HH 11/8/15


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