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Clint Parsons

Haddo Trout Fishery up to 8 August 2015
« on: August 11, 2015, 13:09:19 PM »
Open Friday (bookings only), Saturday and Sunday
up to 4hours fishing £15, up to 6 hours £17 and full day £19
Call / text 07799607600 or email ,                                 
Evening fishing available during the week (on request)

if its not weeds its Algae , but who said fishery management was easy!!Mike you just made it look too easy :z14 :z14 :z14

With an Algae boom taking over some parts of the lake I have reduce the fishing to 3 boats until I could get it under control , that and getting new boats 2 and 3 finished has taken a lot of time but they are coming on nicely thanks to the Guys at Gamrie Boats.
With that said fishing has been sporadic and unfortunately probably doesn’t help the catches over the last few weeks with only a hand full of anglers. Not much surface activity and still very picky fish on what they take. Due to strong insect life in the lake Buzzers still seem to be the choice with a few lures sparking interest. Once the boats are delivered the focus will be back to the lake and we should have it back to its best in no time thanks to the great helpers I have.

I am continuing to stock the lake with Browns and Rainbows to ensure we have a good mix and they are very healthy fish!


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