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Kevin Moss

Decent fishing week for anglers
« on: 20/07/2015 at 08:23 »
Overall its been a decent week for most anglers and flyfishing been a sport of never ending learning on every outing some learned that changing to suit conditions is a key part of it, rather than sticking to the same old tactic just doesn't work every time you go fishing,Some very good fish were caught over the week and the best of the flies have been small and black with damsels and buzzers working very well.Fish were not deep down and even the dry fly has been working for those who were brave enough to use it and they got the rewards for it.Some examples from this weeks returns were Slater Scott had 17,Karen Cameron had a 4lb fish,Andrew More had 2 good days with fish of 8lb 7ozs and also 10lb 4ozs on his 2 outings,Neil Smith had a fish 9lb 5ozs and Willie McRobbie had a fish of 9lb 12ozs.Averages were around 4 to 5 fish per person per outing.

Coarse loch

The coarse loch has been fishing well for all anglers with some really good bag returns of Good sized Ide,bream,Carp and Roach.Eels have also featured occasionally although not welcomed but they have to be returned being a protected species.Best of the baits have been maggot,meat and pellet using the pole and method feeders have also done well for anglers.

Millbuies trout fishery

Anglers have had some great sport with plenty of rising fish and dries and buzzers have done well on both lochs.The brown trout have been doing well and are a good size over the 2lb mark and some occasional to 6lbs.Some have had fish around the 5lbs and some fishing way to light have been broken on bigger fish so please don't fish lighter than 6lbs mono as they will snap in no time at all.Many underestimate how hard the fish fight here.

Pictures on our F/B pages and website from this week