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Lochter Report - Summer Arrives at Last!
« on: 30/06/2015 at 12:53 »
Wimbledon, strawberries & cream, barbeques, unearthing the shorts (again), lazing in the sun, Pimms, iced beer & Pina Colada…. That is what summer can  mean. To anglers things can be very different.

Too bright, sunburnt lugs, picky fish, midges, weed, fewer layers means fewer pockets to store vital kit etc etc. Just shows you cannot please everybody!

At Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, the onset of summer has meant that anglers have had to adapt to the changed conditions. Trout have been high in the water most days so floating lines and midge tips have been favoured. Buzzers fished washing line style with a dry on the point has worked well.

John Devlin on holiday from Ayrshire had a fine day with eight on traditional wet flies. John Tocher from Inverurie had a great evening with nine on dries and Iain Lindsay kept one and released eight also on dries.
Another successful exponent of the evening rise was Donald Mair who used black dry flies to tempt nine fish.

Among the successful buzzer men was Albert Trail, Louis Menzies and Chris Frazer while at the other end of the scale, Peter Scott used a hummungus lure to bank fourteen… on a very wet day.

How long the summer will last is anybody’s guess so enjoy it while you can.

HH 30/6/15