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Haddo Winter League New
« on: September 30, 2007, 00:47:25 AM »
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Mike Barrio

Re: Haddo Winter League New
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2007, 00:29:24 AM »
Hi folks :z16

How's the Haddo Winter League going? ........... ( Last updated 21/04/08 )
The competition is based on the number of fish netted in a monthly 4 hour fishing session.

Kevin Neri (Oct: 16 fish) (Nov: 35 fish) (Dec: 24 fish) (Jan: 29 fish) (Feb: 11 fish) (Mar: 17 fish) (Apr: 25 fish) TOTAL 157 :z15

Chris McAllister (Oct: 26 fish) (Nov: 8 fish) (Dec: 24 fish) (Jan: 34 fish) (Feb: 21 fish) (Mar: 22 fish) (Apr : 20 fish) TOTAL 155 :z15

Alex Burnett (Oct: 22 fish) (Nov: 12 fish) (Dec: 15 fish) (Jan: 14 fish) (Feb: 10 fish) (Mar: 16 fish) (Apr: 15 fish) TOTAL 104 :z15

Jim Adie (Oct: 23 fish) (Nov: 25 fish) (Dec: 17 fish) (Jan: 14) (Feb: 11 fish) (Mar: 7 fish) TOTAL 97 :z15

Fred McAlley (Oct: 9 fish) (Nov: 9 fish) (Dec: 14 fish) (Jan: 18 fish) (Feb: 6 fish) (Mar: 17 fish) ( Apr: 18 fish) TOTAL 91 :z15

Colin McKay (Oct: 12 fish) (Nov: 13 fish) (Dec: 9 fish) (Jan: 11 fish) (Feb: 7 fish) (Mar: 22 fish) (Apr: 15 fish) TOTAL 89 :z15

Keith Crocket (Oct: 18 fish) (Nov: 12 fish) (Dec: 24 fish) (Jan: 16 fish) (Feb: 17 fish) TOTAL 87 :z15

John Brown (Oct: 19 fish) (Nov: 21 fish) (Dec: 21 fish) (Jan: 9 fish) (Feb: 9 fish) (Mar: 5 fish) TOTAL 84 :z15

Kenny Hall (Oct: 9 fish) (Nov: 9 fish) (Dec: 14 fish) (Jan: 5 fish) (Feb: 8 fish) (Mar: 7 fish) (Apr: 6 fish) TOTAL 58 :z15

Kieran McKay (Oct: 2 fish) (Nov: 5 fish) (Dec: 7 fish) (Jan: 4 fish) (Feb: 10 fish) (Mar: 12 fish) (Apr: 9 fish) TOTAL 49 :z15

Bill Main (Oct: 10 fish) (Nov: 13 fish) (Dec: 9 fish) (Jan: 9 fish) (Feb: 4 fish) TOTAL 45 :z15

Ronald McKay (Oct: 6 fish) (Nov: 5 fish) (Dec: 12 fish) (Jan: 6 fish) (Feb: 6 fish) (Mar: 7 fish) TOTAL 42 :z15

Sandy Reid (Oct: 8 fish) (Nov: 4 fish) (Dec: 5 fish) (Jan: 8 fish) (Feb: 3 fish) (Mar: 5 fish) TOTAL 33 :z15

Kipps Kerr (Oct: 9 fish) (Nov: 9 fish) (Dec: 5 fish)   (TOTAL 23 fish)

Jay Scott (Oct: 5 fish) (Nov: 14 fish)   (TOTAL 19 fish)

Bill Bain (Oct: 12 fish)   (TOTAL 12 fish)

Best wishes for now
Mike Barrio
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Mike Barrio

Haddo Winter League
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2007, 21:53:44 PM »
Hi folks :z16

For those of you that have not fished the Haddo Winter League before, firstly and most importantly, it is just a bit of fun! :cool:

The league runs from October through to April based on the number of fish netted in a 4 hour fishing session, there are no weights involved and all fish are valid, including wee tigers and browns. I keep an eye on things and also count the fish that you net.

You can enter once or twice a month on any day of the week ( if twice, your best score of the two will count ) and you must tell me that you are fishing a league entry before you start your 4 hour session.

For those who maybe work offshore, or to cover not being able to fish a month due to bad weather etc, if you miss a month you can fish a single session the following month to cover the one you missed. ( eg - if you fail to enter during December, you can have one chance to fish your December entry in January )

When we reach the end of April and all the entries are in ( April cannot be fished in May ) whoever has netted the most fish wins the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place Haddo Winter League Trophies.

"The Final" does not count for the league :z7 I guess I should really call it something like "Prize Day". The idea being that the top 10 anglers come along for the presentation of prizes and a bit of banter ........ and for an additional bit of fun ( or perhaps revenge :z4 ) they fish together to see who can net the most fish on the day and win themselves a fly rod  :wink

I try to keep things as simple as possible, so normal Haddo Fishery rules and charges apply and as close to normal fishing as possible, so if you are cold half way through your session .......... you can come in for 20 minutes to get warm and have a cuppa, I then add the 20 minutes on to your finishing time  :wink

And this year, there will be a wee prize for all anglers who complete the league by recording an entry for each month.

I hope the above gives you an idea of how the league works, but if you would like to enter and have any questions ........ please don't hesitate to ask :cool:

Best wishes
Mike Barrio   At the heart of your fishing ..... lies a great fly line!


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