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Where did the summer go?
« on: June 22, 2015, 09:20:16 AM »
There is just no breaking in the weather to show signs of continued summer and the variation of temperatures from warm to cold continues and doesn't help to get any decent settled fishing.Not only does it upset anglers but also the fish which do not like it and will make the fishing very frustrating at times.It can be a strange game,one minute they are feeding off the top and the dry fly does well,the next its deep down with lures in an attempt to hook into a fish.What colour or what fly to put in becomes very hard to advise when its like this and its a case of try and see.Here we are in june and yet to see some warm sunshine as its a lot like winter still.

Conditions such as these will only produce occasional numbers of fish caught and its a hard fight to gain this,but fish are being caught and in good sizes and when all settles down there can be expected some bumper days fishing Im sure.

Over the week Willie Grant had a fish of 15lbs and lost another big fish,Jim Eddie landed a fish of 11lb 4ozs,Derek McLennan had a fish of 11lb and Tom Anderson had a beauty which was a Blue of 11lbs.Plenty of anglers reported losing big fish which was the story of the week.Cats whiskers,orange and buzzers are working best from this weeks returns

This weekend 27th/28th june is an open weekend where Flybox uk and signature tyers from the Uk will be at the Glen showing their skills in tying and helping anyone improve their own techniques Flybox materials which are well known for their quality by tyers will be on sale,along with competions for anyone to test casting,help to improve their casts with instructors,fishing in the bait lochs for the kids to catch a fish where tagged fish will be put in for a chance to win a prize,BBQ and other things.So why not pop along for a couple of hours.The lochs will still be open for normal fishing with more good fish gone in the lochs are full of cracking brutes and only the weather to ask to help out to make it a good weekend.

Coarse loch

Here the weather has helped the fishing,unlike the fly,plenty of good bags of fish being caught and Scott Arthur won the coarse competition with the next one on the 12th July.Names are now being taken for this.Red maggot seems to be the pick of the baits and most anglers are having a great days fishing with some getting a fish a cast,if only fly was like that rather than relying on consistant weather conditions.

Millbuies trout fishery

Being secluded and sheltered has helped here and fish are rising all over feeding on the insects coming off the trees.Good fish being taken among them some beautifull Browns and Blues.Traditional patterns and dries along with buzzers are working best.
Some of the quality Browns and rainbows from Millbuies this week.Kept in the water,hook out and released .Well done.


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