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Lochter Report - Seasons Move On
« on: June 01, 2015, 10:49:46 AM »
At the time of writing it is the first official day of Summer. The Football season has come to an end (Congratulations to Aberdeen FC and Inverness Cally Thistle on what for both clubs has been a wonderfully successful season).

For many anglers, particularly the fair weather fishers, the season is just getting going. The warmer weather and longer days see big hatches of flies. These bring the waters to life and excite the dry fly anglers who at last get a chance to test their skills.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum, during the past week Brian Ross was one of the few to try a dry fly and was rewarded with eight nice fish. Alan Morgan fished mainly blobs but when conditions suited, tried a dry fly as a result he had a terrific day catching and releasing seventeen.

The Blobby Boys, Dougie Mair & Bill Ferries had an amazing thirty four between them using a rainbow selection of their own hand tied blobs which the trout appear to find irresistible. Another man who ties his own flies, Bill Gibb also had a great day with twenty to his name mainly on blobs.

Buzzers and Nymphs also had their moments in spite of the generally miserable weather. Roy Meston had six for his evening, John Palmer seven and David Purie eight using a mix of these flies.

The forecast is for the weather to improve and warm up from Wednesday onwards. Hopefully this will be accurate and that Summer will arrive good and proper with some beautiful barbecue days followed by Balmy evenings with trout fishing all over the lochs……. Here’s hoping!
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