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Lochter Report - Fishing is for the Young and Old
« on: May 26, 2015, 13:56:05 PM »

All too often angling is associated with old men in brown khaki jackets and wearing hats or bunnets festooned with an assortment of fly hooks. Nowadays however, there is a younger generation enjoying the sport.

Last month Lochter Fishery in Oldmeldrum, teamed up with Somers Fly Tackle of Aberdeen to hold a very well attended and successful junior/senior day which aims at encouraging youngsters to develop their angling skills by learning from their more experienced seniors.

This week is schools activities week and it has been great to see the number of young people who have chosen angling as one of their sports. Some schools have included fly tying and casting in their packages and Lochter staff have been busy assisting the young anglers to catch a trout or two.

During the past week, the weather has been unseasonably cold but in spite of that anglers who adapted to the conditions, did okay.

Ian Lindsay used mini lures including a mini cat to attract nine to his net, the Whytes, D&B, had nineteen between them including one 'ten pounder', Bill Gibb uses a wide mix of hoppers, blobs and buzzers to tempt eleven and a black beetle fly was the choice of Dave Wright who caught and released fourteen.

The disagreeable wind made life difficult for the less experienced anglers but hopefully as May fades into history the arrival of June will herald some summery weather.



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