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Clint Parsons

Haddo Trout Fishery w/e 24 May 2015
« on: May 25, 2015, 15:41:33 PM »
Open Friday (bookings only), Saturday and Sunday up to 4hours fishing £15, up to 6 hours £17 and full day £19
Call / text 07799607600 or email ,                                 
Evening fishing available during the week (on request)

As I am sure like everyone else there is a few frustrated Anglerís and a few jubilant Anglerís. At Haddo this weekend saw both. With the early part of the weekend not producing much, after seeing some good rises on the Friday evening I thought the sat would definitely be good for Dry flies, but no Lures seem to be the requested appetizers. Still scratching my head as to the amount of flies seen on the water and most fish taking Lures and occasionally Buzzers. Here is hoping the Dries get working soon, Iím dying to get out on the Float tube!! For those of you that know, Dry Fly fishing at Haddo on the Float tube is the Business!!  :z16 :z16 :z16 :z16:

 A few catches worth mentioning: H. Serrado had 3 to the boat, J. Walton had 3 up to 2 Ĺ lb and C. Stewart had 4 including a nice brownie of about 2lbís. 
Most fish went to Buzzers and Lures.


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