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Kevin Moss

Glen report and Millbuies report
« on: 25/05/2015 at 08:51 »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

A good weeks fishing  was had by anglers especially on buzzers and days when the dry fly was active and an enjoyable way to fish.Plenty of good fish were taken throughout and fought hard and dint come to the net easy.Evenings saw some great rises as the lochs bubbled with feeding fish.It doesn't get any better when they are like this and a dry fly can be a lot of fun.William Hattie had a fish of 8lb 9ozs and also on his second trip a fish of 6lb 13ozs,John Watt had a fish of 8lb 4ozs,Paul Bridgford a 7lb 9oz,Roger Stewart a 4lb 6oz,Paul Cowie a 5lber,David Doig a fish of 8lb 12ozs,Bob Mann a 4lb 3ozs,Jane Mclean a 6lb 13ozs and Robert Tomoczsk,new to fly fishing had a 6lb fish.Many more were caught and returned and the only weights were a guess so its better to just say they were larger fish.A beauty of a Golden trout for Colin Adam at 2lbs which was returned was a surprise for him.

As of the 1st June we will be introducing a new ticket to help Disabled,OAP,s,unemployed and students.Its hoped that these tickets will enable them to enjoy fly fishing  within their budgets.These tickets will only apply on a Monday each week and proof is required,if there is no proof then we cant give the fishing ticket, so please don't come without any proof of entitlement.These tickets only apply to fly fishing and at the Glen only,not Millbuies.

Tickets will be 4 hours C and R 5,8 hours C and R 10 and 8 hours 1 fish(kill first fish caught as long as its a Blue or Rainbow only) 15.

We hope this will help anglers to carry on their sport in hard times which effects us all at some stage in our lives.

The sponsored event with Flybox uk will be on the weekend 27th/28th June at the Glen of Rothes.Signature tyers will be on hand and are some of the best in the UK so if your a  tyer and want help and tips this is for you.Materials from flybox will be on sale and there will be casting competitions for all,fishing for the kids in the bait loch along with much more.All are welcome.All is to support charity,Fishing with Tom and there will be a small charge for each event. 

Coarse Loch

We held our first competition which went very well with all pegs taken and was won by runaway angler Andreas Aridas who was into fish nearly every cast and could have had a lot more with fish coming off and missed bites.Fishing light was key and close in with maggot working best Overall everyone enjoyed it and plenty of fish caught.Anglers asked that it become a monthly event so the next one will be on the 21st June.Draw pegs at 9am and start at 10am with finish at 3pm for weigh in.

Millbuies trout fishery

Good consistant fishing at Millbuies continued and anglers enjoyed sport on the top and traditionals taking Browns,acrobatic Blues and Rainbows heaviest this week at 4lb 9ozs for Paul Keir.Both Lochs are fishing well.

winning bag in the coarse comp
then safely returned to the water
the winner collects his prize
The Golden Trout caught and returned by Colin Adam