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Mike Barrio

Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« on: 16/05/2015 at 13:10 »
There are numerous braided leader loops available on the market, many of these are too long and too heavy for most fly line tips and can cause them to sink, especially when fitted to lower weight lines. A lot of them are also very poorly made and can fail on a good fish. In my experience, the Roman Moser Minicon Loops are the best that I have found.

These are easy to fit. I usually grab 10 inches or so of nylon, thread it through the loop and hold it back in a 'U' against the loop ( loop to loop ) then I slide the red sleeve over the loop so that the sleeve is mostly sitting on the nylon.

Then I insert the fly line inside the braid at the other end and feed it up through the braid until it reaches the point where the loop is formed. Sometimes the end of the braid can be a bit tight making it difficult to insert the fly line, but if you push or prod the end of the braid with your finger this will help to loosen and expand the braid a little.

Now hold the nylon and slide the sleeve back over the loop and along the braid until it reaches the other end, I like to have about 3/4 of the sleeve sitting on the braid and 1/4 on the fly line.

Additional notes

A braided loop works by constriction, so the harder you pull the braided loop from the loop end, the more it will tighten and grip the fly line between the loop and the 'sleeve anchor point'. Don't be tempted to add a spot of glue at the loop end, as this could cancel out the constriction of the braid.

Braided loops work well when simply fitted as above and this is how I fish them personally, but many anglers like the added assurance of a spot of waterproof superglue. If you do choose to add superglue, stop sliding the sleeve just before you reach the end of the braid (picture 5) add a little glue to the end of the braid and then slide the sleeve over this to the 3/4 - 1/4 point. Only use a tiny amount of glue, as slightly too much can cause your fly line tip to sink and if you create a stiff section the line can crack at the hinge point after a few outings.

A flexible product like aquasure is better than superglue for this in my opinion, as it is less likely to cause a stiff hinge point. Another tip that I often read is to seal the end of the fly line before fitting a braided leader loop, it is said that this helps to prevent water getting into the core of the line, I'm not sure if this helps with flotation, but I guess there is no harm in adding this to your procedure - as long as you use a tiny amount of glue and you make sure that this is fully dry before fitting the braided loop.

Hope this is useful :cool:

Best wishes
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Steven Dawson.

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #1 on: 23/04/2016 at 23:14 »
I river fish mainly with your Small Stream lines Mike,hard to beat in my book.
Over the years I've been making my own welded loops, and I find them very easy on your lines.
Unlike the factory made ones, I can make them very small and unobtrusive.
Couple of inches of heat shrink tube and a candle flame is all that's needed takes five minutes from start to end, and I very rarely get hinging problems.
Loop to loop a thread furled leader on, and it slips through the top eye beautifully.

Terry Coging

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #2 on: 08/02/2018 at 10:30 »
Braided loops are very convenient however I have never liked them - preferred constriction nail knots in the past.  All very well until a new butt needs to be fitted at the waterside in the cold and wet using ageing stiff fingers. So I ordered some Roman Moser trout loops from Mike along with a new GT90.  These loops are neat, I mean NEAT.  They make previously tried loops look clumsy.
I assume that they have a neutral density?...and wonder how they will behave on sink tip and midge tip lines?

Mike Barrio

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #3 on: 08/02/2018 at 10:38 »
Pleased you like them Terry :z16

Yes, I believe they're neutral, I can't imagine that anything was added to make them float.

Best wishes

Dave Felce

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #4 on: 11/02/2018 at 19:31 »
i've used the Roman Moser  loops for a couple of seasons now and, having had a few issues with welded loops splitting, i now  just snip them off and put Moser loops on from new.  they are incredibly strong and supple. the braided leaders are very good, too  :cool:

Roy Clark

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #5 on: 07/06/2018 at 19:41 »
Due to arthritic finger joints I was taking ages to put on Braided Loops. When fishing at Greenwood Loch an angler from Blairgowrie recommended Roman Moser loops.I got some from Mike & can't believe how simple & quickly you can put them on.

Jeremy Bennett

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #6 on: 26/01/2020 at 19:47 »
The Roman Moser braided loops are easily the best out there and as mentioned above are just the right length.
As Mike mentioned above I did fall into the "too much super glue trap"

Rick Van Camp

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #7 on: 11/11/2020 at 14:49 »

I use these for both trout and salmon/steelhead.  Are you referring to the urethane adhesive for repairing leaks in waders?  If yes, I need to order some


Mike Barrio

Re: Fitting Braided Leader Loops
« Reply #8 on: 13/11/2020 at 17:59 »
Hi Rick

Yes, similar product .....
But once again, use as little as possible :wink

Best wishes