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Lochter Report - The Best Laid Schemes
« on: May 12, 2015, 12:40:01 PM »
It is always interesting to more the planing forethought and optimistic discussions that goes into even the most routine of fishing trips.

At Lochter Fishery, Oldmeldrum and at fishing venues big and small much consideration is given to weather conditions; how this will affect the fishing, what flies to chose, what line to use, slow or fast retrieve, what area to fish first, all contributing to a positive and optimistic first cast upon the water.

Sometimes expectations are met and even exceeded with fish after fish coming to the net, on other occasions, as Burns said "The best laid schemes o'mice and men, can aft agley" and so it is with fishing.

Watching the TV pictures if the posse of new MP's making their war to Westminster full of optimism the old angling analogy came to mind, only time will tell!

During the past week conditions at Lochter have varied considerable and so have the fishing tactics. On a very driech Tuesday Alan Logan had his best day so far this year with fifteen using his favoured lightly dressed olive nymphs. On the same day John Reynolds used buzzers and snatchers to tempt nine. The middle of the week was more windy and blobs and lures became the flies of choices. Lenny Davidson netter fourteen on a nomad, Mike Reilly from Ellon had eight on a WSW and John Craig eight on cormorants and cats. Bill Ferries and Doug Mair stuck with their favourite blobs and had twenty three between them and blobs certainly worked for a fair number of fishers.

The weather remains on the cool side and the forecast is disappointing for May, but taking an optimistic view it will warm up- maybe next week!

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