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Kevin Moss

Glen and Millbuies trout fisheries report
« on: 11/05/2015 at 07:38 »
Another week where the weather dominated fishing activities when normally this time of year we should be melting in warm sunshine and fish rising and taking dry fly.Some days we did see the dry fly doing well and the next its was trawling deep with a lure.What fly to use?hard to say and depends a lot on the conditions of the day,no use fishing the bottom if fish are rising and happily taking off the top.Most consistant patterns have been buzzers,suspender buzzers,cdc,damsels and white fritzs in the lure department.

Over the week though there has still been plenty of good catches taken,David Morrison had a 6lb 13oz,Karen Cameron had a 9lb fish,Mark Bell a 6lb fish,Steven Turnbull a 7lber,Barry Witford had a 6lb 13ozs fish,Bryan Cameron had a 10lb er,Tom Anderson a 8lb fish,Barry Ward had a 9lb 5ozs fish,Archie Miller a 10lb er,Bob Mann had the heaviest fish of the week at 11lb 15ozs.

The kids on the bait loch have enjoyed catching and smiles say it all when they catch their first fish to turn them into future anglers.             

Coarse loch

Plenty of fish now being taken as it gets warmer.Maggot and pellet has been the pick of baits bothe pole and method feeder working.Good sized Bream and roach being caught,with ide a plenty and the Carp now being picked up regular by anglers.

The Coarse competition on the 24th May is now full with reserves and this will be a monthly event where winner takes all.

Millbuies trout fishery

Fishing continued to be good on the lochs with plenty of Blues and Browns caught and fighting hard.John Ross had a cracking Blue of 5lbs and had to work hard to get it to the net.The lochs are in great condition and dry fly and wets working best with plenty of fish rising to encourage.