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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to September 17th ) New
« on: September 18, 2007, 01:58:08 AM »
Hi folks  :cool:

Spiders, Pearly Pennell, Black Pennell, Hoppers, Kate MacLaren, CDCs, Klinkhamers, Cormorants, Damsels and yellow Dancers proved popular choices at Haddo this week.

Dave Gordon enjoyed a good afternoon with 20 fish up to approx 4 lb, Lee Welsh tempted 14 fish up to 10 lb for his session, Steven Sinclair 11 up to 7 lb, Lloyd Rattray 9 up to 10 lb, Malcom Mead 13 up to 5 lb, Stuart Wright 8 up to 12 lb, David Robb 14 up to 7 lb, Dave Olley 9 up to 6 lb, Peter Black 16 up to 6 lb and Alistair Davidson netted 25 fish including an 8 lb blue on Kates and Hare's Ear Emergers.

The Railway Inn Flyfishers from the Edinburgh area found themselves fishing for unsettled trout on an uncomfortably wet Saturday, but Bruce Thomas proved the top rod on the day catching 14 fish up to 10 lb ( and lost another larger one at the net  :cry ) Stan Ure had 12 up to 3 lb, Stuart Povey 10 fish including 2 of approx 10 lb, John Lear 10 up to 6 lb, Donald MacDonald 7 up to 9 lb, Ian Reddie 6 up to 9 lb, Eric Morgan 8 up to 7 lb, Dario Szvarc 7 up to 4 lb and Norrie Todd rounded things off nicely with 5 trout up to 8 lb.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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