Kevin Moss

Great week on the dry fly with some surprises at the end
« on: April 20, 2015, 07:48:21 AM »
A great week for those who enjoy the dry fly as fish were rising everywhere.Lures didn't do well and will always take 2 or 3 fish but fishing to the conditions,especially when fish are actively feeding on the top on small beetles  much better results will be obtained.Fishing is about matching the hatch afterall.Small black buzzers,beetle patterns,bibios,cdc,kate mclarens and suspender buzzers fished washing line style have produced the goods and sport has been brisk for those fishing this way.Best of the week was Gavin Crombie who took 40 fish on bibios and kates,Ian Hutton had a great day with suspender buzzers taking 17 fish with a cracking brown trout of around 7lbs which was not a stocked fish and was returned unharmed,Stewart Anderson had a 5lb 7ozs fish,Neil McIntyre had a 4lb 1ozs fish,Mark Jolly a 4lb 7ozs fish,Craig Anderson had a beauty at 8lbs,James Morrsion had a 7lber brother,Ian Morrison had 11 fish and Danny Miller had a 4lb 7ozs fish.

Early morning frosts have slowed fishing down ,but when it warms up it is pleasant and fish have become more active and the sport following has been good,providing you fish to the conditions .

Coarse loch

The cold to warm overnight doesn't help here and its really late afternoons which have started producing the fish,slower in the morning and midday with the odd fish here and there but later it is much better.Its the old favourite red maggot which has done best with fish being wilder and feeding naturally rather than a commercial water would fish.No bread is allowed here and any left over bait must be taken home and not thrown into the loch as it doesn't help future anglers who fish.2 New platforms are going in this week which will make it more comfortable for anglers on the loch.

Millbuies trout fishery

A busy week here and with the weather at the moment, boats are best booked in advance to avoid missing out on some great fishing.Anglers are having a great time on the lochs with the dries and naturals and the Browns are in great condition.There are now a lot of Blues in the water which will certainly put a bed in any anglers rod.We will be putting into the water in the next couple of weeks 2 new clinker boats making a total of 6 boats available for angling,but still only the 4 for normal angling and the other 2 for clubs if required.Evening sessions are available now with the nights stretching and start at 4.30pm.

Checkout our facebook and website for daily updates and pictures from the fisheries with some of the fantastic wildlife around both our waters which can be seen and adds to the pleasure of being out fishing.

Kevin Moss

Re: Great week on the dry fly with some surprises at the end
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2015, 16:32:47 PM »
The coarse loch will be getting more fish tomorrow and we have added 2 more platforms which makes a total of 10 pegs with plenty of space between them for anglers to fish in comfort.We are also planning some competitions in the coming months for those who may be interested in this.Just let us know at the fishery.


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