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« on: 16/09/2007 at 22:30 »
Once again we have seen a lot of surface activity and emergers, dries, muddlers and Fritz patterns took the majority of Artloch’s bows last week.   Despite the night’s drawing in, the evening rise has continued to provide good sport. 

Examples of catch returns show that a quartet of anglers, comprising Jock Ewing, S Urquhart B Creswell and A Douglas, each released 10, while L Davidson and P Gill tempted 12, best at 4 lbs.  Visiting angler P Sprey persuaded 13, best at 5lbs, and while J Rennie released 14, best 3lbs, top rod was I Sutherland with 19, best 3lbs.    Jock Ewing was the envy of fishers with a superb 9lbs 15 ozs rainbow taken on a WSW, while S Gordon was also happy releasing a bow circa 8lbs among his total of 16.

see for full report.