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Better weather and its beetle time. New
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With, at long last a break in the weather and the arrival of warmer climes,fish began to feed better and came more toward the top for most of the week especially early morning and late evening.Midday with the sun high and bright deeper tactics were required as fish went down and switched off until later on.The heather beetle arrived and this was the food fish were gorging on and those who took the advice to use beetle patterns with the likes of Kate Mclarens,black buzzers,bibios did much better than those who stuck to the usual yellow dancers,white fritzs and orange blobs.Matching the hatch is what fly fishing is all about and there hasn't ,this week been many orange blobs or yellow dancers hatching.Plenty of good fish were caught and all full tailed and finned and in great condition.Andrew Drummond had 2 outings and took 13 and 15 fish,Thomas Bramley had 10,Andrew Payne had 16,Robert Bell had a good day with 12 fish and also landed a cracker of 14 lbs which was witnessed by anglers who gathered to watch the fight between angler and fish,weighed, then returned safely to the water.Derek Oneills wife landed a 7lb 3ozs fish,Archie Miller had a 4lb 3ozs,Neill Smith had a beauty at 8lb6ozs and first time angler  Aaton McIntosh ,after a previous lesson, had a fish of 5lb12ozs.

The winter singles came to an end and the winner was Neill Smith with 33pts,2nd was Gordon Grant with 28 pts,3rd Neil Scowen with 24 pts 4th Graeme Gibson 23pts and 5th Jimmy Rhind 18 pts.It was all down to the last month as places changed to give the final winners.


The Club has a number of outings arranged this year with a weekend to Loch Fad being the high light and gives members an opportunity to fish venues and places where they would normally have to pay a lot for, but with the help of club funding makes it more affordable which is the aim of the club for its members.Fly tying each week and inter club competitions for all members are available and New members are welcome.Members fees are due at the latest by 26th April.

Coarse Loch

Red maggot has been the pick of baits as fish are feeding well on natural bloodworm  unlike a commercial fishery they are more natural having grown on over the many years and not used to commercial methods where fish are stocked all the time.Meat and other baits will come in as conditions warm up and they begin to feed hard.Bream,Roach,rudd,perch and the carp have been taken over the week by anglers and at good sizes showing just how well the fish have grown on over time and all very healthy and fighting hard.Booking is advised here to avoid disappointment of no pegs being available.

Millbuies Trout fishery

Fishing has continued to be good with top of the water sport very good.Plenty of good Browns been taken along with Blues and some  good sized rainbows.We will be adding a lot more Blues shortly with some more rainbows of size to add to the excellent sport on the lochs.We will later in the year have 6 boats available due to demand on the water.Water is crystal clear and great to see fish following the fly.

All pictures can be found on our facebook and web pages daily.

Someanglers being observed by the resident red squirrels which adorn the lochs.

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