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spring/winter/spring/winter report
« on: March 30, 2015, 08:48:58 AM »

Whilst each day we go from spring back to winter and so on,so do the fish not knowing if to come to the surface or go deep to feed as temperatures go from 15 to 0 overnight.One day its floating lines and next its intermediate and sinking lines in order to connect with fish.Flies that hve worked again vary from kate mclarens which have taken a good number during this week to white fritzs and yellow dancers and then black and green,so plenty of choice.Despite the uncertain weather conditions fish have taken well and a good number of Blues featured and plenty of fish have been taken.Ronnie Smith had a couple of good days with 19 and 23 fish caught all on Kates,Gavin Crombie had a 4lb 1oz,Neil Smith had 8,Jimmy Rhind had 14 with his best at 6lb 7oz,Scott Burness had 9,Tom Anderson had 9,Gary Gormley was 50 richer as he landed a tagged fish,but Andrew Oneill took the best fish for the week at 7lb9ozs and then landed another at 10lb plus which he returned as he was happy with the one he had,the sign of a good angler.

The club competition was won by Jimmy Rhind and that gets the first points on the board toward the new club champion for 2016.The club has quite a few events planned this year and new members are welcome.

Coarse loch

Slower this week due to the colder conditions with a few caught but not in numbers they were when it was warming up.Roach and bream were the main species with the occasional carp.Maggot once again was the best bait.

Millbuies trout fishery

Again it slowed but still plenty of good sport for anglers as they enjoyed the brownies and rainbows which fought well.Being a busy week on the loch the anglers all reported a good days fishing and as normal we don't publish numbers of fish as its not that type of fishery but more for the sport of fly fishing and enjoying the scenery afloat.


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