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Artloch Fishery
« on: September 09, 2007, 20:36:28 PM »
While the weather forecast suggested light winds last week, they didn't happen at Artloch which experienced some gusting conditions that made casting difficult at times.   While the wind was a problem at times during the day, almost evening it fell away and we had some good rises that a number of anglers enjoyed.   During the day, and despite the wind, trout were still tempted to rise to a variety of dries, muddlers, CDCs and suspended buzzers.   Successful lures included the Cats Whisker and Yellow Dancer, while Spiders, Hare's Ear and Brae & Black kept the traditionalist happy.    Anglers were reporting a lot of movement and while nearly everyone got their bag limit, no one managed to convert their numbers into double figures, although at least 14 would have, but for losing fish on the retrieve!   While R Hambly knows about Artloch's large fish, he had a first last week when he saw one of our "double figure" bows leaping from the water.   Best fished weighed went to R Gartshore with a cracking, fully finned bow of 5lbs 4 ozs, while G Ogilvie caught a larger circa 8lbs bow, but released it using the well known "distance technique".   

Artloch is closed to casuals on Sun 16 Sep for a competition.

My new website is still causing a problem or 2, but I hope to have it completed and available by the middle of the week.   I will not be updated my website until then.


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