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Haddo Trout Fishery
« on: October 10, 2006, 00:57:46 AM »
Hi folks
Damsels, black spiders, bibio, buzzers, bloodworm and mini cats have continued to to be productive at Haddo this week  :wink:

All seven anglers in the Bristow Helicopters outing enjoyed great sport, keeping 15 fish for 56 lb 4 oz giving an average weight of 3 lb 12 oz. A total of 74 fish were caught on the day, Brian Pickles tempting 16, Graham Chiverton 15, Pete Lay 12 and Frank Sangster 11, Richard Hambly weighing in the largest at 8 lb 4 oz.

Kevin Neri is the winner of the 2006 Haddo Summer League  :z14
Kevin netted a total of 102 fish, an average of just over 20 fish per 4 hour entry session. Second place this year goes to Keith Crocket with 91 fish and third place to Jim Adie with 84.

Anglers wishing to take part in the Haddo Winter League starting on November the 1st are invited to contact the fishery on 07810 868897.

Sandy McLean caught his first 4 fish on the fly this week, including one of 5 lb and Neil Whiteman also netted his first 2 fish . Well done  :z16

Youngsters have also been doing well, Sara Wood catching 3 for 6 lb and Lewis Calderbank 3 blues for 11 lb 4 oz plus 3 released, dad Brian only beating him by one with 7 fish fish up to 8 lb.

Top rods in the float tubes this week were Sandy Nelson tempting 10 fish up to approx 14 lb with wee black spiders on his bamboo 3wt and Kipps Kerr with 9 fish up to 8 lb on the spiders too.

From the boats, Scott Sim netted 12 fish up to 3 lb, Alan Birnie 10 fish to 6 lb, Bill Main 20 to 6 lb, Keith Crocket 22 to 5 lb, Chris McAllister 21 to 7 lb, Stephen Davidson 11 to 4 lb, Hugh Baxter 12 to 4 lb, Dick Bowman kept a nice rainbow of 9 lb 4 oz and visiting angler Bob Parr from Basingstoke released 13 fish up to 4 lb.

Please note that the fishery is fully booked for the day on Sunday the 15th for a club outing. Please contact me on 07810 868897 for availability of boats at other times.

(below) Sandy McLean with his 1st fish on the fly  :z16

PS: My Fuji camera appears to have died suddenly  :z19 so looks like there will not be any photos for a while until I can find a new one.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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