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better weather improves fishing Glen and millbuies
« on: March 16, 2015, 07:55:19 AM »
What a difference it makes to get some decent weather which in turn reflects on the fishing.A good week of fishing although the sudden drop of temperatures didn't help   on a couple of the days as it does switch fish off after settled weather.Buzzers worked well along with green and white flies fished on floating and intermediate lines.Friday was a perfect day for fishing and it had everything even onto dry fly as fish rose to hatching insect.Andy Ulkehad a fish of 6lbs 6ozs on a nymph,James Able had a nice 4lb Blue,paul Clark had fish of 4lb 1oz and another at 6lb 4ozs on a cats whisker.The Troutmasters saw Karen Cameron win with 2 fish for 7lb 5ozs and will move onto the grand final now in September.Juniour Troutmaster winner was Jack Mackillop who landed a fish of 4lb 10 ozs to the joy of everyone around him and the smile said it all.A great effort from him and he will now go to the junior final later this year.Well done to them both.Club subscriptions are now due for members and with quite a lot of away days planned and weekend trips it will be a great year for the club.New members are always welcome.On a sad note,its something we don't like to see but we had to ban an angler this week for hiding extra fish in his bag,its something we don't want at any of our fisheries  and is it worth it.losing your fishing for a couple of extra fish when you get caught.


Coarse loch


The coarse loch is now picking up as the weather improves week by week.This week Stephen Wiltshire had a great day with a fish a cast.His bag made up of bream,roach and rudd.Again though severe drops in temperatures did effect it later and slowed up the fishing with only a few bream,roach for others.The loch is beginning to get busy now the season has begun so booking is recommended  as we had to turn some anglers away this week.


Millbuies trout fishery


Fishing has been good with plenty being caught on buzzers and nymphs this week.The browns have come on really well andanglers are enjoying them with each giving a good account of themselves and best has been 2and half lbs.Again booking is essential here.All the anglers this week had great days fishing and as is the norm here we don't like to publish numbers with it not being like a commercial fishery.


All pictures from both fisheries can be viewed on our facebook and webpages for each daily.


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