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Kevin Moss

Glen and millbuies this week
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Glen of rothes

Wind for most of the week dominated conditions although some days forecasters did get it wrong and it was nothing like what they had predicted so they are not always right and worth taking a chance or making a phone call to find out what conditions are like for fishing.It certainly makes it hard both for anglers and also for fish as the up and down weather switches them off and on daily when its like that.Persistance and patience is the key and searching depths and change of tactics is common when they are picky.One method in use may well see a blank if not prepared to change to another method in order to entice a fish toward your fly.Some anglers did fine  though despite the weather,not huge numbers,but a good days sport as Mark Bell had 5,David Cameron had a fish of 4lb 2ozs,Gordon Grant had 12 fish with fish of 5lb15ozs and 5lb 8ozs,Paul Bridgeford had a 6lb 6oz fish,Tom Anderson had 6 fish,Gordon Sellar had 7,Mark Bell on a second visit had 8 fish,Chris Johnston had 7 with an 8lber and  Neil Scowen had a fish of 4lb15ozs and a nice Blue of 3lb 5ozs to round the week off.Best flies have been mostly in white such as white fritz,yellow dancers,okey dokeys in orange and white were the pick.

Coarse loch

It doesn't feel like it but it is warming up a bit and this is reflecting now in increased catches on the loch.Roach and even carp are now showing in returns.Best methods are method feeders and anglers are mentioning how well the roach have grown with them over the 1lb and a half coming to the net regular.Thecoming season is looking good on the loch here for the coarse anglers.

Millbuies trout fishery

Fishing at the lochs have been good being sheltered on most days depending on the wind directions and anglers had some nice fish both of Browns and rainbows and blues.Natural flys worked best but sport was good and same as at the Glen it was finding the tactics which worked being the key to catching a fish. Best flies have been damsels,nymphs and buzzers.The brown trout have made a change and the markings and colouring of them are beautifull  and fighting really well after the winter and packed on weight.There is only 1 session at the moment until the lighter nights will move us into 2 sessions.Sessions start at 8.30am each day.

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