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« on: September 02, 2007, 18:40:02 PM »
Mixed weather conditions this past week created some mixed fishing conditions with each day proving completely different.   This was reflected in which and when flies were successful   For example, buzzers worked well on some days, but not on others and fish were well tempted by nymphs on others, but were then ignored on others.   

Examples of catch return shows that K Osborne released 11 from buzzers, while AL Robertson and J Eva both tempted 12, but using completely flies, former used CDCs and Hares Ear, while the later used a Diawl Bach.   Visiting anglers P Stewart and K Yeo both released 13, best 6lbs; Mr Stewar using Hares Ear & various dries, while Mr Yeo fished a Yellow Dancer.  J Rennie improved with 14 using dries and Olive WSW, while C Christie released 15, best at 5lbs, from vaious nymphs.   Top rod was S Munro with 30, including a small brownie, using an olive & yellow Diawl Bach.

I am away for a couple of days this week, including a trip to Loch Fitty on Wednesday, so the Artloch website (a newer version) will be updated on Thursday 6 Sep, unless I resolve the software problems on Moday before travelling south; Artloch will remain open while I'm away.


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