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Thats more like it! Glen and Millbuies reports we 9th Feb 2015
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Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery.
This week was more like fishing weather and anglers ventured out a bit more to have a cast.They were rewarded with some very good sport throughout with plenty of fish caught and alot of good fish among them,especially of the Blue variety.Best patterns were quite consistant with white dominating,but towards the weekend smaller flies worked like cormorants,nymphs and diawl Bachs as fish came toward the surface and some even feeding off the top which tempted some to try dries but maybe still a little early for that, but they did take a couple of fish so you can never say never in angling which is what makes it enjoyable.Here is some examples of catches,Paul Bridgeford had 2 good fish of 5lb 10ozs and 5lb 8ozs ,one of which was a cracking Blue,Graham Gibson had a 6lb 2ozs fish,Gordon Grant had 26 fish with his best at 7lbs 10ozs,Graham Murray had 23 fish,Neil Carmichael had 10 fishin 2 hours,Mark Bell had 14 fish,Neil Scowen had 27 fish with his best at 6lb 10ozs,Tom Anderson had 15 fish best at 8lbs,Jim Eddie had 12 fish with a 5lber,Gary Gormley had 14,Willie McRobbie had 8 best of 5lb 12ozs,Neill Smith 18 fish and his best was 5lb 8ozs,Kevin Neri had 14 on small nymphs and Derek williamson had a beauty at 7lbs 3ozs.
Club members are reminnded that the AGM is on the 22nd Feb at 3.30pm at the fishery.Important that as many members attend as there is alot to discuss for the coming year.
Coarse Loch.
Some anglers had a cast during the week and although it was slow roach and bream were taken and as the weather hopefully warms it will encourage them to feed alot more.Maggot and sweetcorn being the best baits.

Millbuies trout fishery
The lochs will be open as from Monday 16th Feb  for bookings.Having had a good rest due to ice the lochs should fish very well .Bookings as normal through the Glen but keys collected at Millbuies from staff.Fishing here is from the boat only and no bank fishing is allowed.

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