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Howard & Stuart

Conditions on Sunday at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum were very different from the idyllic picture often associated with fly fishing.
A balmy warm evening, a gentle zephyr creating a tempting ripple, ideal for a well presented dry fly…. Instead participants in the Robbie Burns Pairs were faced with an icy cold north wind and showers of sleety snow.

They however did the memory of the bard proud by "tholing the winters sleety dribble" but when the final whistle sounded they were glad to sit down to a nice big plate of steaming hot haggis, neeps and tatties.

The winning pair were Tyler Hay and Chris McAllister with eighteen fish, runners up were Bill Bain and Peter Young with Brian Ross and Rod Palmer in third.

Cats and cormorants were the most successful flies fished well dow in the water. This is likely to remain the situation during this cold spell.

At the time of writing there is plenty of fisheable water, the ice having almost all gone and there are also plenty of fish to catch  :z16

HH     02/02/15